How have our readings so far, changed or disrupted your understanding of what a text is or can be? How might your own writing be impacted by this revised understanding?

I am no creative writer, but I feel most inspired after playing witness to an artist breaking from the mold. The freedom that can come with the short story format, with the experimentation of point of view, or with a stream-of-consciousness style has often compelled me, as the consumption of these alternative stylistic choices often expose the ticks in my own thinking. My thoughts are often crowded and confused, and I tend to myself enraptured in a passive inner dialogue of my own making, just before I snap back to reality. I adore the way Borges and Calvino employ the splintering of narrative and offer alternatives to the realities they’ve presented to us, as I believe these stylistic elements offer a unique perspective of the chaotic interworkings of the human mind. I feel an intense distraction in my attempts to draft stories, always feeling pulled in some seemingly meaningless direction. I cannot help but wonder as I read, should I be following my instincts? Writing what pops up into my mind as it arrives and circling back to the core narrative at a later point? Would this add or detract from the text? Or would following my whims deliver a more honest, raw version of events, developed with a level of cognitive nuance? These are what a text should be.

English + Political Science double major